MirrEdge Colors and Styles  ...


œ Woodgrain š

Decorative and Contemporary Styles



Decorative Cherry Walnut                                                               Contemporary Cherry Walnut





Decorative Royal Oak                                                                       Contemporary Royal Oak




Decorative Dove White                                                                    Contemporary Dove White





Decorative Driftwood                                                                          Contemporary Driftwood





Decorative Regal Birch                                                               Contemporary Regal Birch





œ Acrylic Mirror š



Crystal Stone                                                                                  Golden Dawn





Clear Mirrored



š    What do I need to frame my existing mirror with MirrEdge™?    š


MIDCOMillennium International Development Corporation (MIDCO), is a U.S. based company that specializes in developing, manufacturing and distributing unique products for the Home Improvement Industry. We have provided product and solutions for consumers and trade professionals alike.


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