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MirrEdge™ is available for purchase to both Retail and Wholesale customers.


When you want to update, repair surface blemishes, or just spruce up your mirrors, MirrEdge™ has  Acrylic Mirror and Woodgrain frames that will fit your decorating scheme.


MirrEdge™ strips are simple to cut.  Just size, score and snap – it's that easy!


  Acrylic Mirror Strips are available in three (3) sizes adaptable to any size mirror:

- 36", 48",and 60" lengths.


  Woodgrain Strips are available in two (2) sizes adaptable to any size mirror:

36" and 60" lengths.


            ~ Woodgrain is available in five (5) finishes:    (click on colors & styles to view) 

                               - Dove White, Cherry Walnut, Royal Oak, Driftwood, and Regal Birch.


            ~ Woodgrain Corners Plates and matching Cover Seams are available in two (2) styles:

                               -  Contemporary and Decorative styles


š    What do I need to frame my existing mirror with MirrEdge™?    š


MirrEdge™ Do it Yourself Mirror Framing System ...

  • is a useful tool in salvaging an aging mirror.
  • is Easy, Safe and Inexpensive without costly replacement.
  • has molding that will give a nice finished look to your mirror without breaking the bank.



Retail Suppliers for
Your Own Home, Condo, and Apartment



Wholesale Suppliers for
Hotels, Renovations, or Contractors


  Home Depot logo

The Home Depot - Nationwide Retailer



HDSupply logo

HD Supply - Nationwide Wholesaler






Intelrine Brands Logo

InterlineBrands - InterlineMRO - Nationwide Wholesaler



MIDCO - Nationwide Retailer

(Complete Mirror Kits Only)




Maintenance Supply Logo

Wilmar Industries - Nationwide Wholesaler







Maintenance Supply Logo

Maintenance Supply Headquarters - Nationwide Wholesaler



Chadwell Supply - Nationwide Wholesaler





MIDCOMillennium International Development Corporation (MIDCO), is a U.S. based company that specializes in developing, manufacturing and distributing unique products for the Home Improvement Industry. We have provided product and solutions for consumers and trade professionals alike.


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